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Bill Pipe

Singer-songwriter and photographer. Originally from South Essex, came to Suffolk via Derbyshire and North Essex. Came back to guitar in his 40s and plays a set containing thoughtful, tongue in cheek originals and eclectic covers, not quite blues, not quite folk and not quite pop

Cambridge and Walker

The folk duo Cambridge and Walker came together in the summer of 2016 after sharing the stage and numerous discussions about music at the Blackfen Folk Club, Cambridge. Since then, Cambridge and Walker have become a familiar name in folk clubs and events in the East of England.

Chris Bullen

Chris began his career as a recording engineer and went on to compose and produce soundtracks for video and film. He continues to write music and perform in rock and folk bands.

Chris Fox

A genre defying Folk troubadour Chris made rapid progress through the UK folk and roots scene with his song writing, utilising a variety of styles across the roots lexicon of traditional & contemporary folk, Americana, Country and Blues. 

Claudia Myatt

Claudia Myatt is an illustrator, writer and sketchbook traveller with a passion for all things maritime. She plays autoharp and took up the Celtic harp as a lockdown project.

Dave Smith

I am a singer / songwriter based in South Lincolnshire in England.

I’ve played guitars and sung since I was fifteen years old and I’ve played in pop bands , rock bands , folk bands , country bands .

Gary Woolley

Gary has been playing the guitar and song writing since the age of 14. Early years were predominantly spent playing in bands in Leicester and Cardiff, but after moving to Salisbury he rekindled his teenage love of the American, Canadian and British singer songwriters.

Holly D Johnston

Holly D Johnston is known on the folk scene as a captivating performer and a singer of stories.   She is a songwriter and storyteller who morphs between live music, storytelling and poetry. Holly’s heartfelt lyrics woven together in memorable tunes are sung with a voice that is warm, ethereal and passionate.

Lizzy Hardingham

Lizzy won the competition in 2019.  Indomitable folk musician and ornate songstress, Lizzy Hardingham, is paving her way as a powerhouse performer with "beautifully delivered songs that sing straight to the heart".

Michael Hoggarth

Michael has been songwriting and performing his own material since the early 1970's both in folk clubs and open mic nights.

At the grand old age of 74 this is his first attempt at entering a songwriting competition.

Ron Cholerton

Ron aka That Ken Skirza writes songs with Mike Hoggart in Norfolk. In 2022 he took his song 'The Beast  from Freswick Bay' to the Cromer Folk Club at Swafield for the 1st time  in 2022 for abit of fun, and has been using it ever since 'as most of the folkies seem to like it'.

Sally Ironmonger

Sally Ironmonger & Brian Carter have been writing, performing and bickering together for nearly 20 years.  They have produced 4 studio albums of songs about shipyards, prostitutes, trips to the seaside, self-deprecating amusing songs and protest anthems.

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