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Dave Smith

I am a singer / songwriter based in South Lincolnshire in England.

I’ve played guitars and sung since I was fifteen years old and I’ve played in pop bands , rock bands , folk bands , country bands .

Dave Smith

It’s always been a hobby until I retired from a corporate life in 2016.

Since then I have been a member of The Settlers - a folk/pop band that had great success in the 70s and 80s and reformed in 2018.

That came to an end last year , mainly a result of lockdown curtailing our shows.

However , lockdown meant lots of time to sit and ponder and my previous dabbling in songwriting suddenly took off with a leap and by late last year I had twelve songs that I then recorded and have just released as an album called Long Overdue.

My musical influences show in the songs - that is , I like a huge range of musical genres. There are some country songs , folky songs , rocky songs and some bluesy stuff. There are also a couple of songs that I can’t describe !

There is some wonderful talent playing on the album including vocal performances by acclaimed singer Patty Vetta and great violin work from Kamila Badlowska

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