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Ron Cholerton

Ron aka That Ken Skirza writes songs with Mike Hoggart in Norfolk. In 2022 he took his song 'The Beast  from Freswick Bay' to the Cromer Folk Club at Swafield for the 1st time  in 2022 for abit of fun, and has been using it ever since 'as most of the folkies seem to like it'.

Ron Cholerton

Growing up in the midlands in the 50s , Dad was the local chimney weep, Uncle was a drain an gutterman when they were on the right shift. From an early age I was helping them out with all the grubby jobs, and often went to school with a sooty face. I escaped from school at 15 to go shovelling coal on steam locos in the last days of steam until the beeching axe fell, then ended up in a borin factory lugging pallets about, until getting cancer/depression in 1999 many years later. After ill health retirement I traveled around the UK doing alot of beachcleans along the way in a campervan. In 2005 with cancer all clear moved to Caithness, 2006 did a beachclean at Freswick Bay and built a home made guitar from some bits of driftwood for a bit of fun. 

I moved to Norfolk in 2013 to be closer to elderly relatives. As a way of meeting people in a new area, started shovelling coal on steamlocos as volunteer on Poppyline and going to local folk clubs playing 12 string guitar and writing own songs.

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