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Star Arkana

Star started writing songs when she was 3, and I hasn’t stopped since!! 

Star Arkana

"My first song was a few notes going round and round on a piano when I was about 2 (hopefully I’ve gotten a bit more advanced since then). I started writing songs with lyrics when I was 3, and I haven’t stopped since. I have been homeschooled all my life and I am pretty much self-taught, which I feel allows me to make the right choices and dedicate more time to doing what I love. 

A career in songwriting is my vocation - I know that this is what I want to do, with all my heart. I have always been up for anything to do with performing, it just feels natural and comfortable to me. Making other people happy makes me happy and the idea of my music giving joy to an audience is the best feeling in the world."

Instagram: @starofthegalaxsea 

Facebook: Star Arkana 

YouTube: STAR 

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