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Sally Ironmonger

Sally Ironmonger & Brian Carter have been writing, performing and bickering together for nearly 20 years.  They have produced 4 studio albums of songs about shipyards, prostitutes, trips to the seaside, self-deprecating amusing songs and protest anthems.

Sally Ironmonger

They are an absolute one off. They have a quirky and distinctive style, with Brian’s unusual and accomplished guitar technique the perfect accompaniment to Sally’s unique voice.   They love what they do, and their aim is to entertain, with songs that make you laugh, or cry, or just think.

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“Sally Ironmonger and Brian Carter put on a brilliant show, firmly rooted in the folk music tradition, but including some hints of jazz and blues and other genres. Mostly self-penned, their songs were moving and funny and quite catchy. Most of all, they were fun and joyous entertainers”

(Richard Death, Stratford Sub Castle, Feb 2019)


“Having had them perform at our club, I can personally recommend these lovely people to you as performers, great songwriters, and downright funny people, bursting with talent and entertainment skills. So festival organisers, if you have one or two 45-60 minute slots to fill, call these two!”

(Kathy Dunn, Wessex Acoustic Club, Jan 2019)


“Music, laugh, reality and friendship ! The Frogs love this pair of fantastic musicians.” 

(The Flippin’ Frog, Rochester, Jan 2018)

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